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  • Zijing Zhu

    Zijing Zhu

    Ph.D. in Economics | Certified in Data Science | Top 1000 Writer in Medium| Passion in Life |https://www.linkedin.com/in/zijingzhu/

  • Vivek Bhutra

    Vivek Bhutra

  • Katie Li

    Katie Li

  • James Ho

    James Ho

    Analytics Engineer | I talk about data and share my learning journey here. Support my stories: https://hoooching.medium.com/membership

  • Akshay Rakheja

    Akshay Rakheja

  • Dante Alvarado Leon

    Dante Alvarado Leon

    A Love for Tech, A Passion for People! I have a passion to create and develop ambitious ideas and products that solve ambiguous and non-linear problems.

  • Luke Walquist

    Luke Walquist

    Avid learner, aspiring writer sharing professional tips on getyouredge.net, global healthcare finance

  • Daniel Hwang

    Daniel Hwang

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